Night Time Health & Beauty Routine

Night Time Health & Beauty Routine for Personal Wellness

Night Time Health & Beauty Routine

Before turning out the lights and putting yourself to sleep, there are some important things you should do to set yourself up for optimal health, great sleep, and top performance. 

I know, falling asleep isn’t just that easy anymore.

You have to get your own life in order before you can go to bed…and yes, you should be going to bed by your self-determined bedtime!

This is officially #adulting.

And if we want to keep not only our hearts, minds, bodies (skin) and souls, in the best condition, these steps are vital girlfriend!

Plus, did you know that if you get into a night time routine before bed, you are more likely to remember those wild and crazy dreams of yours?! Win! 

  1. Drink a glass of water. Drink it…drink it all, because I promise you didn’t drink enough today! So do yourself a favor and get that one last glass of water in you. Your body and skin will thank you later. At a minimum, you should be taking the amount you weigh, dividing it half, and drinking that many ounces of water a day!
  2. Brush your teeth again, DUH. And yes, floss too! If you hate flossing as much as I used to, These are the BEST flossers and are hard to come by so I order mine online (unless my mom gifts them to me…thanks mom!), but flossing will never be the same. I LOVE IT now! (I told you, this is officially adulting.) I keep them in my purse, my car, my suitcase, you name it! I also REALLY recommend a waterpik! It has been LIFE CHANGING. I love mixing mine with water and mouthwash! 
  3. Wash your face. I repeat…WASH YOUR FACE! You must wash your face. You have to get rid of the day. Do you know how many times you touched your face today? And how many times your cell phone touched it? Think of how many little organisms that don’t belong on there are chillin’ on there! Gross. Wash it…I don’t care how lazy you are…get your cute butt up and get rid of all the make up and whatever else may have landed on your face during the day.
  4. Apply a daily favorite is Witch Hazel. I love using this daily because it’s gentle. It’s a natural astringent derived from bark and leaves of a common shrub. Native American’s were actually among the first to recognize the medicinal properties of it! It can be used to clarify skin, shrink pores, remove contaminants, brighten, heal blemishes, and prevent razor burn/ingrown hairs! It’s basically a cure all, and it’s not drying like other astringents typically are.
  5. Apply night cream. Now that you skin is clean, give it some extra love. Don’t go to bed with dry skin. Please. You will go to bed dry and wake up greasy, and that’s not cute. I have a few favorite night creams that I tend to alternate between here.
  6. Apply lip balm. Keep those puckers luscious babes (and gents). No one likes to feel chapped lips! This is THE best one ever! I love it at night AND during the day. Can’t live without it. 
  7. Write. Take a few minutes and write down what you are thankful for. Write down at least three things that you can actively show gratitude for either from your day, or from your life in general. We take so many things for granted. I find that keeping a gratitude journal helps keep you grounded, happy, humble, and feeling fulfilled. It’s hard to remember just how lucky we are sometimes…especially in the society we live in.
  8. Read. Pick up your book of the moment and read a chapter. If you’re not currently reading something, please start. Turn off the TV, put the social media down, and give your brain some love! Did you know that the blue lights in TV’s, on computers, and on cell phones actually KEEP you AWAKE? If you insist, or if your book is on an electronic device, you can start wearing these blue light blocking glasses!
  9. If it’s not already, shame on you. Turn your phone on Do Not Disturb! 🙂 Don’t just set it to the side of your bed. Turn all of the notifications off, sounds off, you get it — just make sure your alarm will still sound! That’s the only thing that needs to be waking your adulting-so-hardcore-self up anyway!
  10. Meditate. After you turn the lights out, do yourself the ultimate favor, and meditate. I don’t care if you’re new to it, I was at one point, too. My favorite pre-bed meditation is to focus on my “out” breath. I put my hands on my tummy and every time I feel myself breath out, I say the word “out” in my head. You will notice that your mind starts to wander. It’s okay. Let it. Be easy on yourself. As soon as you notice it has wandered, finish your thought, and then bring it right back to your breath. Before no time you will not only be a pro, but you will be fast asleep!

I hope these tips help you get a better night’s rest, feel better about yourself, and help your mind, body, skin, and soul feel rejuvenated.




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