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Lauren Reid | makeup artist, beauty, fashion, marketing, photography
It all started in kindergarten….

Lauren Reid was the girl with bright red lips and press on nails to match. But don’t get her wrong…she still chased the snakes in the garden.

Lauren Reid grew up in Flagstaff, AZ and then moved to Phoenix, AZ after receiving a scholarship to ASU. She graduated from ASU in May 2011 with a BS in Marketing.  From there Lauren continued to Newport Beach, CA where she became a certified professional makeup artist.

Lauren Reid is a professional and personal, certified makeup artist based in San Diego, CA and Phoenix, AZ and traveling wherever the job takes her. Her work can be seen in several print publications, music videos, commercials, TV, and in films. She has done many wedding parties and countless photo shoots and makeovers.


“I have always had a love for art, photography, and makeup. I think all are an expression of the world as we see it, or in some cases, the world as we dont see it.  Each of my outlets has it’s own passion.  For makeup, it’s bringing out the inner beauty.  Beauty as we see it, comes from the soul.  Beauty as we dont always see it, stems from the creator.  Beauty and Makeup have intrigued me from the day I realized that makeup can literally transform one into looking AND feeling like something they’ve never been able to express. From enhancing the souls outward radiant beauty, to unleashing the being you didn’t know existed, I’m obsessed.  Makeup is my passion.”


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