How to Get Rid of Under Eye Wrinkles and Stop Concealer Creasing


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As a professional makeup artist, I get asked one question A LOT and it’s:

“How do I get rid of my under eye wrinkles and how do I stop my concealer from creasing under there?! No matter WHAT I do, it creases!!!”

I get it!!! Those pesky little lines under our eyes are unforgiving!

For a long time, I didn’t really have an answer on how to stop the creases.

I will admit it — there really wasn’t a KILLER combination of products that would quickly alleviate those under eye wrinkles.

Yes, we have all heard of the killer home-hacks like applying preparation H (okay gross) BUT that just wasn’t something I was really into, and besides, the active ingredient that used to make a difference has been removed from the product.

Not to mention…most of us have wrinkles ALL of the time, not just on occasion! What’s the use of an eye beauty hack like that if

  1. it shouldn’t be used on your eyes
  2. you can’t use it daily

Exactly. There’s little point.

Like I promise to always do — I am here to share what I learn and love along my journey as a makeup artist.

SO — here is your answer for how to get rid of your under eye wrinkles and prevent your concealer from creasing!

You can thank me later 😉




Step 1: Prep the under eye skin

You will want to make sure to use a great moisturizer and/or an eye serum underneath your eyes. Moisture is SO important on ALL areas of your face, but especially on this delicate skin under your eyes. If you are applying makeup to dry, wrinkled skin, it will be much harder for you to prevent creasing.

If you have super dry skin, I would recommend using an under eye oil first, followed by an eye serum. If your eyes are really struggling, I would also add some de-puff eye cream. If your under-eye skin is normal, I would recommend a normal moisturizer and an eye serum. Be sure to let the products really soak into the skin before you start your makeup routine.

Step 2: Apply foundation everywhere, EXCEPT under the eyes

The more product you have somewhere, the more cakey it will get. The more product you apply, the more there is to crease. The motto here is: less coverage is actually more.

After you have prepped all of your skin (not just the under eye area), even out your skin tone by applying a foundation around the discolored areas on your face (typically the nose (especially around the nostrils), the center of the forehead, and your chin.

However, save the under eye area for your concealer ONLY (and then conceal any other areas that need a little extra coverage TLC).

Step 3: Apply + Blend your under eye concealer

While looking up with your eyes (this helps pull the skin a bit more taught under there), apply a TINY bit of concealer only where it is needed. Remember: LESS IS MORE.

You will want to dab it to blend using a DAMP beauty blender (and yes, I think beauty blender is worth the price). Using the sponge will REALLY make a difference in the way your product is applied.

Some people recommend applying concealer, then blotting with a tissue, but if you use a sponge — there really is no need to then blot with the tissue.

Pro tip: if you don’t want to buy a sponge, you can use your fingers! The heat from your fingertips will actually help emulsify the product into your skin.

Step 4: Set your under eye concealer!

As soon as you are happy with the way the concealer looks, meaning there are no lines or creases in the product, SET IT with the same damp beauty blender and a very small bit of translucent setting powder.

Dip the end of your damp beauty blender and press the powder lightly into the concealed areas of your face. Make sure to blend in the powder when you finish setting. I recommend always using a fluffy brush to brush off any remaining powder when you’re done.

Cheers to the prettiest little peepers in history.





  1. Amy

    This absolutely does not work for me. I DESPERATELY NEED HELP!

    I’m 28. Just recently received under eye wrinkles. My under eye makeup looks horrible. My next step is to just completely give up makeup. I take my makeup off every night. I cleanse. I use serums, face oils, primers, expensive consealer. NOTHING WORKS! Somebody please help…

    1. laurenreid_MUA

      Hi Amy! I am sorry to hear that you still have problems! Did you really try the under eye cream I mentioned? It is literally a miracle in a bottle when it comes to under eye wrinkles and getting rid of them. In addition to making sure your skin is extra hydrated, make sure that you are using a “less is more” approach under the eyes. Too much product can cause caking and creasing as well.

  2. Sky Winn

    I use a very thin concealer; Maybelline instant age rewind under eye concealer and use a little setting powder but it creases so bad. I don’t bake under my eyes but maybe I should try again. Everything I do looks like a freaking sahara desert 😦 I bought expensive under eye retinol cream, use Neutrogena with retinol and hyaluronic acid everywhere else. I even sometimes dab on hyaluronic acid water cream around my eyes. UGHHHHHH. I’ll try baking again but last time it looked awful. I’m 31 by the way. And I’ve probably spent $100+ on this project so far. haha

    1. laurenreid_MUA

      Hey Sky! I totally get it! I think baking is too much…try using a duofiber brush in some translucent powder or a damp beauty blender. You want just enough to get the creamy wet feeling out of the concealer but not so much that you’re dry! Hope that helps! otherwise you are totally doing it right with all the moisture!

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