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How to Contour in 6 Easy Steps


Let’s be honest for a second.

Yes, contouring has gotten WAY out of hand. BUT, everyone looks better with it, when it’s done correctly. I promise.

It takes you from looking flat, or one dimensional, and gives you shape where you should have it, and if done properly enhances your features.

I am the first to admit that a little bit of contour never hurt some chubby cheeks! Nor did a little bit of under the eye highlight hurt some darkened eyes!

I swore I would NEVER teach ANYTHING about contouring because it’s literally impossible to teach everyone how to contour their face with just ONE method. Why? Because everyone has a different shaped face, and therefore, everyone needs to be contoured a little bit differently.

If you have a small forehead, for example, you wouldn’t want to contour it. If you have a sqaure jaw, you would want to contour the angle away. If you have a double chin, conceal it with the contour! Different shaped noses require different contour – obviously.

The key to highlighting and contouring is to remember that LIGHT goes where the light NATURALLY hits, and anywhere opposite of that, you apply the darker color (2 shades darker than natural skin) to mimic a shadow.

Shadows are the absence of light. If someone has great, amazing cheekbones and hollow cheeks and the sun is hitting them from above, there will be a shadow. BUT let’s face it, we aren’t all that lucky. So we have to fake it til we make it with a fake shadow line otherwise known as contour.

Okay, so let’s get to it. These are the simple steps that you can take every single day to enhance the appearance of your face. If you want it more dramatic, be more generous with your application. I, however, love more natural looks.

After prepping the skin and hydrating the face with proper moisturizing skincare and primer:

  1. highlight the areas that need it. generally speaking, it’s under the eyes in an upside down triangle, extended just slightly out onto the cheekbone; down the center of the nose, the chin, and the forehead.
  2. contour the areas opposite of your highlight. generally this will be the hollow of your cheeks (just under your cheekbone), the sides of your nose, your neckline, and around your hairline.
  3. blend this all together with your actual shade of foundation and SET the liquid with a translucent powder. you will want to set ALL over, especially under the eyes.
  4. dust off the setting powder and apply your blush. please apply it on the apples of your cheeks and blend upward/outward. You want your blush to look NATURAL, like as if you are a kiddo with the best blood circulation ever. yes, blush is optional — i never wear it because my cheeks are the rosiest of them all! but if you can pull it off, do it!
  5. apply a highlighter on top..think of it as the icing, because it is. it’s my favorite part. i love to highlight on the tops of the cheekbones, tip of the nose, top of the lip, and the inner eye.
  6. last but not least, spray your face with a setting spray for staying power or a moisturizing tonic for a nice refreshing finish. this will prevent your makeup from looking too powdery.

Just remember, less is more, and please — always blend!



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