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Makeup When Traveling Lightly

The Makeup Necessities When Traveling Lightly

Planning for a getaway and don’t want to pack a whole makeup store just to look fly? Join the club!

Are you someone who either overpacks or completely underpacks? I am. I swear, I either have WAY too many options and only wear the same two things OR I have literally not one full outfit.

But when it comes to my makeup packing game, I’m on point. I hate traveling with more makeup and toiletries than I might actually need.

Whether you’re on the go or have big plans for the weekend — yet want to travel lightly, here are a few items you’ll probably want to consider bringing with.

PRO TIP: Don’t be afraid to use items for more than what they are advertised to be/do!

Makeup Packing List:

  1. Foundation.  Obviously we all want even, flawless skin.  Kill two birds with one stone and pick up a foundation or tinted moisturizer that has SPF in it! My personal favorite BB cream is this one by iTCosmetics.
  2. Bronzer.  You can use this for a sun-kissed glow and double it up as an eye shadow. My personal favorite is Jane Iredale Quad Bronzer in Sun Beam,
  3. Cheek/Lip Stain.  Either/Or.  Like I said, don’t feel like you can only use products on one area of the face.  Choose your favorite stain product and apply it to both the cheeks and lips for a pop of color. There are a lot of great ones out there like MILK Cosmetics Lip + Cheekbest blush for traveling lightly
  4. Mascara.  Let’s not state the obvious here. Mascara is life. Unless of course you have eyelash extensions.
  5. Eye shadow. All you need is ONE. You already have your bronzer, so why not go for a matte darker shade — maybe one that can double as both an eyeliner and a brow filler depending on your tones?
  6. Zoya Hot Lips.  Moisturizing lip gloss that keeps the lips hydrated without them being sticky, adds a beautiful shine, and as a plus, is paraben-free.

Happy beautiful travels. What are some of YOUR staples?



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