Top tips for good skin, no matter the skin type!

Top tips for good skin, no matter the skin type!

Top tips for good skin, no matter the skin type!

Wear sunscreen! In the morning, after you wash your face, your skincare should look something like….anti-oxidant serum followed by a moisturizer and topped with a broad spectrum SPF.

Apply self tanner. This helps to even out your skin tone, adds a glow, and instantly makes you look younger. This one is great to wear on your face, and even works under makeup.

Moisturize. All day. Yes, even on top of your makeup! Use something like  rose water, stone crop mist, or a toner with hyaluronic acid. HYDRATE THAT SKIN!!! Yep, even if you’re oily! Often times we are oily because our skin is trying to overcompensate. Here is my ALL time favorite hydrating gel moisturizer packed with squalene and probiotics. 

De-stress. Make the time to unwind. Why don’t you take 20 minutes of silence, apply this delicious, luxurious probiotic face mask and meditate.

Wash your face. No excuses. And actually, if you wear makeup you should be washing your face twice! One of my favorites for ALL skin types is CeraVe hydrating face wash which has ceramdies that lock in mositure. I am also a REALLY huge fan of Osmia Organics bars.  They are made by hand so they are still packed with glycerine – a major win for your skin! 

Sleep on your back. Did you know that sleeping on your side and stomach can actually contribute to wrinkles?  Squishing your face is not the business. Try to sleep on your back as often as possible.

In the evening it’s best to use those wrinkle erasers! Here are some of my favorite night time face creams. If you use retinoids or peptides, now is the time to apply them.

Exfoliate your skin not necessarily with a scrub, but with AHA (good for dry, sun damaged skin) or BHA (acne or blackhead-prone skin).

Clean your phones. Did you know that the majority of our phones have MORE bacteria than a toilet seat at a trucker stop gas station? Exactly. Sanitize that…stop feeding your skin bacteria!

tips for good skin
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Eat omegas and antioxidants! (fish, fruit, healthy fats, tea, and greens).

Sleep in 🙂 The less sleep you get the more tiresome your skin becomes. It really needs the sleep as much as you do, so don’t deprive it.

Eyes are SUPER important. The skin around your eyes is the thinnest skin you have, so you know what that means! It is the first area to show signs of aging. It’s NEVER too early to start preventative care.

  1. For swollen, puffy eyes you can do an eye soak. Soak two cotton pads in witch hazel and apply to closed eyes for about five minutes to reduce puffiness.
  2. Apply a rejuvenating, anti-aging, wrinkle diminishing eye serum. This one is my absolute favorite because it improves wrinkles within seconds, and over time it helps to reduce dark circles and puffiness! It also helps to eliminate the under-eye concealer creasing!
  3. Wear proper sunglasses to prevent squinting during the day time. Especially those desert rats! I feel you!

Stop picking! It’s only okay to pick your face if the blemish has a white head on it — or if it’s a blackhead that is screaming to be extracted. IF you’re going to pop anything on your face, do it the safe way. Use cotton swabs to press on both sides of the blemish. Squeeze with the cotton until it pops. After it pops, apply a salicylic acid treatment on top.

Stop smoking! You are not only killing yourSELF, but you’re killing your lungs, skin, mouth, teeth, hands, hair, taste buds, perfume, surroundings. Stop. It’s worth it.

Workout. The blood flow will help give you that glow we all love. Sweating helps to clean out toxins too. Just please make sure you aren’t working out in a full face of makeup and that you wash your face well post workout. When we sweat, our hair products which arent meant for faces can seep down onto our skin and cause breakouts.

Drink water. Hydrate. I am sure you hear it all of the time, but it’s true. I never realized the dramatic difference this made until I started working with body builders/figure competitors and watched how much even 8oz of water can affect a depleted human body!

Clean your makeup brushes. Seriously though, they are a breeding ground for bacteria, and if you are like most non-professionals, you probably don’t clean them nearly as often as you should. Some people recommend once a month, but I personally recommend once a week!

There you have it…some of my best skincare tips for that healthy, happy, glowing skin! 



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