Exfoliating GLAMGLOW Mask for Healthy, Radiant Skin

Exfoliating GLAMGLOW Mask for Healthy, Radiant Skin

Exfoliating GLAMGLOW Mask for Healthy, Radiant Skin

Listen. We all know how I feel about skincare, right? It’s like…the Louis Vuitton your bags, the Chanel to your nail polish, the Gucci to your belt, and the filter to your photo.

Feel me? It’s a luxury.

But the BEST part about investing in your skin? You only ever get ONE of it, and it only goes out of style if you let it! 🙂 Having the ability to invest in your skin…is a REAL TREAT.

So treat yourself! It’s an investment worth making.

I didn’t always start out having skin that people rave about. It wasn’t always that I received daily compliments and fan mail asking me what the heck I do for my skin. It took some serious work and dedication.

I got to where I am by straight up trial and error, ever since middle school when I battled breakouts.

Bless my dad’s heart, he would let me order new products from Sephora online after having done research on a ridiculous amount of face washes and treatments. (I grew up in a super small town that to this day still doesn’t have a decent beauty store!!!)

I literally tried everything except Proactiv. My whole thing was, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And therefore, I never bought Proactiv. lol.

But I did buy quite the myriad of other skincare products. Most of which helped, some of which didn’t. I can’t quite remember what year it was when I found my holy grail face wash that I will still use today, but it was likely the best day of my life.

Seriously. It’s SO GOOD that I will still overnight it if I forget it. NOT EVEN KIDDING. I travel A LOT for work, so this means at some points in time I have like 5 open bottles. But it never stresses me out, because I use it ALL OF THE TIME.

It wasn’t until a several years ago that I really started obsessing over my skin.

I am a TOTAL sun baby. My happy place? Anywhere I can wear a bathing suit and get in the water – the ocean, on a boat, at the doc, a like, a river, a pool,  a sprinkler, you name it. But WITH THIS, comes skin issues…like sunspots and wrinkles.

I know, parents always know best, and I should have listened to my mom and grandma when they say not between 10am-2pm and make sure to lather up. But the REAL me ONLY goes out from 11am-2pm and doesn’t wear ANY protection.

At least, not until three years ago when I really started obsessing. I am smart now and always wear sunscreen if I am going to the water or shooting outside.

I try to wear a hat and I try to dodge the sun as much as possible if I am NOT in a bathing suit, because why waste it?! 🙂

If you need some education on which SPF is best for you, you might find that blog helpful!

Obsessing has lead me to having MUCH better skin (seriously, look at the results!!), and a list of MUST HAVE skincare essentials. I started getting dermaplanes and mini peels, and taking really really extra good care of my skin.

You should see my bathroom — it’s like a dream, but one that I worked really hard for! I finally have my daily, weekly, and monthly items — plus my special treatments for those pain in the butt hormonal zits.

Even though I have my staples, I keep adding more and more, all of the time. Some get updated, some get replaced,  you know the drill.

Several months ago I started incorporating something new that I haven’t shared before, so I figured it was time!

This GLAMGLOW Mud Mask now has a home in my routine. It is is packed with ancient volcanic pumice, french sea clay, green tea pieces — all of which make for a wonderful exfoliating mask for both women AND men!

It’s loaded with antioxidants and minerals and the collagen leaves your skin feelings SUPER soft. If you watch my Snapchat, I also refer to the feeling of my skin as LUXURIOUS. I use to in two ways — all over my face AND as a spot treatment for my monthly breakouts.

Major benefits of the GLAMGLOW Mud Mask:

  • any skin type can use it
  • 99% paraben free
  • natural, vegan ingredients
  • cruelty free (yay!)
  • creates radiant and glowing skin – you’ll glow
  • aids collagen synthesis – makes for better, firmer skin
  • resurfacing exfoliation – bye dead skin, hello bright, soft skin!

How do you use the GLAMGLOW Mud Mask?

I apply it to a clean face. I apply it all over my face, avoiding my eye area and lips. Once you put it on you will start to feel it working. Within about 15 minutes it’s fully dry. You can tell it’s dry when it turns into more of a pale, chalky green. I typically wash it off around the 20 minute mark, but you can wash it off whenever it dries. When I wash it off, I wet my hands first and work the water into the product on my face, scrubbing in a circular direction. You will feel the water breaking up the product. Apply more as needed. I gently scrub each area and then I rinse my face completely clean.

I only use the mask at night, once a week or when needed as a special PMS treatment if you know what I mean!

Click to read a blog with more tips for great skin.

Remember, you only get one shot at skin in your lifetime. Take care of it and make it great!

You’re beautiful! xo


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