What Is The Best Mascara

What Is The Best Mascara?

What is the best mascara?

It’s a makeup question I often get…and I actually LOVE to answer.

For the majority of skincare and makeup I really think that it is important to make an investment. I feel like you often get what you pay for, regardless of people claiming that what you get in the drug store is the same item its sister company sells at a high markup. Think what you want, but I swear a lot lower-end makeup looks ‘dusty’ to me. Dusty makeup means that there isn’t as as much pigment (the thing that gives it its color or vibrancy). Not as much pigment, to me, means a lesser-grade product. I said what I said. 🤪

HOWEVER, when it comes to mascara…I have to disagree with myself.

So this past week (back in 2015) I decided that I wanted to do a side by side mascara comparison for you all.

However, I only lasted five days because I was losing more lashes than I ever wanted to…anything over none is too many, and I lost about 5! Not cool.

Pictured, are my eyeballs, adorned with my natural lashes, and each pair of pictures representing a different popular brand of mascara. I often get asked what my favorite mascara is — or what the best mascara to use is — and it’s hard for me to give an answer because I say, personally? Or for my kit?

And yes, there is a difference. I have a favorite for both situations. Why?


My Favorite Mascara For My pro makeup Kit

In my kit I am not allowed to use the applicator brush that is designed for a given mascara, so to me, it’s all about the formula. If it’s a good formula, it will work great with any brush, even a disposable one! If it’s only a decent formula and the brush is amazing, then I can only use it for my personal kit. And if neither are great, well I wasted my money. See where I am going? haha. Here we go.

what is the best mascara to use lauren reid makeup

1. L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Curved.

THIS right here, is my holy grail. And not just the “Curved”. I also LOVE the false fibers version of Voluminous. This is the brand you will spot me with 99% of the time. Why? It’s amazing! It looks natural, it goes on beautifully, it adds fullness to the base and adds a little length, without being clumpy. My lashes feel light to the touch, my eyes do not get sensitive from it. Better yet — you can find it at the drug store! So no paying plus twenty dollars for a mascara that you can fall in love with. Voluminous is where its at. Would I buy again? DUH.

2. Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real!

My lashes were long, but not full. It took a LOT of work to get my lashes to separate and it has one of those pokey brushes. It wore really well because it’s waterproof, but I hate waterproof on my sensitive eyes. My lashes felt really stiff to the touch, and did I mention I hate having to use makeup remover? Would I buy again? No.

3. TOO FACED Better Than Sex.

Okay, I absolutely LOVED the brush and I love the way it made my lashes look. HELLO…that profile view is amazing. The mascara went on easily, there was minimal to no clumping and my lashes felt a lot less stiff. My eyes were not as sensitive, but it also wasn’t as long-wearing. I noticed that after a good sweat session, there was a little bit under my eyes. I found it strange that it wore under my eyes, but still wouldn’t come off with just my face wash. I still needed a makeup remover to get the stuff off. Would I buy again? Yes.

4. LORAC Cobra.

Okay. What the hell?! Took me FOREVER to get my mascara on – it was super clumpy, the brush was just insane, and by the time I brushed them out, I should have just worn NOTHING and looked better. I seriously wanted to wash it off after I put it on — but I didn’t want to waste my face product that looked killer. The struggle was so real. Would I buy again? No…no…NO.

5. MAKE UP FOR EVER Smoky Extravagant.

Putting this on took me a little while, but just because the brush was so big for my itty bitty eyes. Not in a bad way — just it is what it is. Aside from #1, this was my favorite wearing product for waterproof. It didn’t bother my eyes, it didn’t get clumpy…but it still made my lashes feel slightly stiff to the touch. Would I buy again? Yes.


tubing mascara by Thrive CausemeticsI am STILL loving the L’Oreal Voluminous all of these years later, especially in my professional makeup kit…but…my personal every day mascara has morphed into the tubing mascara by Thrive Causemetics! OBSESSED.

It is a tubing mascara — which means it’s not waterproof, but it doesn’t transfer when you’re hot, sweating, or crying gently. However, when you’re ready to wash it off, you can wash it off completely with just warm water and your fingers! It’s literally like magic and everything I was missing for my first 32 years of life lol.



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