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Free Makeup Essentials Product List

As someone who has been a professional makeup artist since 2011, I have seen and heard it all.

Some of the most commonly asked makeup product questions are:

“What foundation do you use on your face? What foundation do you recommend? What is the best thing to contour with? how do I do makeup without looking cakey? How do I do my makeup like you so that i look like the best version of myself and not a clown? what is your favorite xyz? what is your favorite brand? how do you figure out what products you are going to keep in your kit?

And I get it. It’s really confusing out there.

From social media to YouTube to MLM companies to advertisements…where does one even start?!

And how much money does one waste before they find the stuff WORTH buying?

I’ll tell you…a LOT lol 💸💸💸💸

As a professional makeup artist I actually DO spend a lot of money trying new products, finding my tried and trues, seeing what’s worth the hype and what’s not. I have a whole entire storage unit filled with half inventory and half stuff I don’t ever plan on using again because it was just meh…but I also haven’t had the heart to just toss it yet. Feels pretty wasteful.

I’m okay being the makeup hoarder…as long as it means I can help you NOT be the makeup hoarder. 

I don’t want you to keep spending money on makeup after being influenced by someone online to buy something you’ll never use and love. It’s just one more thing to add to that already full makeup drawer of more stuff you never use — am I right? 🫣

So I wanted to find a way to easily help people identify the few ESSENTIAL makeup products you can use EVERY SINGLE DAY to achieve our favorite natural look. From kids pick up to grocery shopping to filming social media reels to working to closing the biggest sales deal of your life, you name it.

These are products that are tried and true.

These are products that you can build.

These are products you can use at ANY age.

These are products that if I were going to be stuck on a deserted island with a camera around and had to look good every day, I would be packing.

There are LESS THAN 10!

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Nope, it doesn’t have to be confusing. It doesn’t have to be a million dollar trip to Sephora. It doesn’t require you watching YouTube videos. And it definitely won’t cause you to have even MORE products just sitting there unused because they just kinda sucked.

I LOVE every single essential item I included for you in the Essential Product Guide Every Natural Beauty Girl Needs.

I linked the products so they are convenient for you.

AND, if you have any questions at all you can reach out to me on my website 💓 It’s my mission in life and in my career to help as many women as possible look AND feel their best…

Get your free guide HERE.




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