Anti Aging Skin Care – the Best Night Cream for Wrinkles

“I want skin like yours, but I don’t want to pay for it”

Well, guess what. That’s impossible bb.

So first thing’s first — if you don’t know me…let my introduce the type of girl I am!

I am the girl that spends what most women spend on bags, shoes, hair, and clothes…on skincare.

I love my skin, I love having clear skin (I haven’t always had it), and I love feeling pretty even on days when I am not wearing makeup.

So while you might think that $500 is nothing to spend on a dress, or a pair of shoes…I would NEVER. lol.

And while I think $80 is a great deal for skincare….your first reaction might be “I would NEVER!”

But listen. You can lose a shoe. You can rip a dress. You have others sitting in your closet! Not to mention, at the end of each season out with the old, in with the new, right?

Think about this…when it comes to skin…you’ve got ONE of those.

And it’s with you your entire life; summer, winter, fall, spring, old, young, daughter, mother, grandmother…I digress.

So why not take care of it?

Anyway…now that you know me and my stance…I will share with you what I use for my anti-aging night cream, and WHY I use this one time and time again.

If you follow me on social media (on Instagram, on Facebook) then this is especially for YOU since you all blew me up about what I use on my skin after showing you the newest before and after after only 5 days!

The Best Anti Aging Skin Care night cream that I have used

A few years ago I had wrinkles on my forehead and I was considering getting botox. I seriously blame my forehead wrinkles on applying mascara. It’s the only time that I find myself making a forehead-wrinkle-causing-face during my days (but without fail…mascara face nails it).

I was scared to try botox because I had seen so many jobs that I did not like.

I am a very expressive person, so I use my face/eyes/eyebrows a lot when I talk or tell a story. I did NOT want to have a stale, boring face.

I wanted wrinkles when I wanted them, and I didn’t want them when I didn’t want them. Is that too much for a girl to ask for?

Then in the middle of a consulting project I was working on, I was given a sample of a night cream.

I of course Googled it and looked at results online. With my background in photography and beauty I KNEW that the pictures I was seeing were REAL results.

Yes it was the same person. No it was not Photoshopped. It was real.

So DUH, get on my face like RIGHT. NOW.

The girl who gave it to me told me to take a before photo so that I could do a before and after after two weeks. She even told me that “sometimes they recommend even up to 30 days for results, but some people see it as early as two weeks”.

Again, because I know how it’s hard for us to see and recognize gradual changes in ourselves, I knew I HAD to take a photo.

It’s kind of like losing weight. You feel better, but you can’t always tell just how much better, until you see a picture!

And then you’re like WOAH…I had NO idea I looked THAT good right now! Feel me?

Anyway…after 10 days that first go around I took an after photo. And OMG my forehead wrinkles were like 90% gone! No lie. And here is a picture to prove it!

anti aging skin care wrinkle cream

Results were great. I LOVED it, and I got other people hooked on it, too!

It’s like a sale for other women…”Did you know ______ is having BOGO today?!” I was like…”OMG look at my wrinkles in 10 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I was hooked.


Now I am going to be real for a second here…

I ordered that anti aging night cream on auto ship monthly (you don’t have to order it that way, but I did). THEN the company released a new eye cream with even MORE jaw-dropping results.

So, naturally, I switched my auto ship to the eye cream. A few months went by with the eye cream that I also LOVE…and I was like dang, I am seeing my forehead wrinkles again!!!!!!

So, last month, I changed my order back to the night cream!

Fast forward to last week. I shared on social that I was sick of my forehead wrinkles and I was getting serious again with my favorite night cream since I was freshly stocked.

Drum Roll for the shocking skin care wrinkle be gone results please

Yesterday marked the 5 day mark. YES, 5 days. And I shared my before and after of my forehead.

The messages are STILL rolling in, which is why I am writing this blog. Check it out:

anti aging skin care night cream

That is literally 5 nights of sleeping with the night cream on and doing everything in my life per usual. Wrinkles are seriously almost gone. I still see one…but for results in just 5 days, that’s not too shabby if I do say so myself.

(Hey…………………..let’s NOT talk about my melasma and sun damage. I was an idiot as a child and never wore sunscreen (but you totally should, and I have a great blog on how to choose the best sunscreen for you!). Since I spend so much time on the beach, I can’t use bleaching agents because it’ll just get WORSE.)

Focus on the wrinkles…or lack thereof 😛


Aside from the fact that IT ACTUALLY WORKS? Let’s see here:

  • I don’t have to buy it at the store
  • It’s ONE product (and I have 200 bottles of skincare things….)
  • It’s easy to travel with
  • It smells botanical or like a freshly peeled banana
  • It’s more affordable than competing products
  • It is gentle on my skin and doesn’t dry it out or make it peel
  • Did I say because it works?

Again, as any product, you can try it before you buy it — and they also offer a 30 day back guarantee should you need it (but at this point, I’ve never had someone need to use that!) It’s the AD Night Cream that you can find HERE. But make sure you get the one in the GREY bottle! That’s the PM cream! The white one is the day time moisturizer!

Anyway — strong women share their best kept beauty secrets, and I just shared TWO with you in one post!

You’re welcome and I love you!



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