Beach Hair + Beach Makeup

“The ocean is everything I want to be; beautiful, mysterious, wild, and FREE.”

If you’re like me, you have a love unlike any other with the ocean. The energy is unlike anything else I have ever experienced.

The most powerful thing, that will chew you up, spit you out, and carry on…yet has this calming, tranquil affect.

While at the same time…

In the most infinite place, you suddenly feel so restricted….

and insignificant.

ย But, if you close your eyes and take it all in, you’re at the most peace you’ve ever known. You’re feeling. You’re alive. And in the vast blanket of diamonds strewn across the horizon, you’re in the moment. And in love.


Photography: Kendal Riley Photography
Hair and Makeup: Lauren Reid
Styling/Art Director: Chelsea Fox

beach hair beach makeup

beach hair beach makeup

beach hair beach makeup

beach hair beach makeup

beach hair beach makeup

For this warm beach makeup look, I applied moisturizer and primer all over the face and neck. I then applied Make Up Forever HD Foundation. For the bronzer I used NARS in Laguna. Make sure to set the makeup with a moisturizing spray so that it looks more like dewy skin and less like makeup! For her eyes I used a bone colored shadow on her lid, and smoked the crease with a red-toned brown like Red Earth from Anastasia Beverly Hills or Enigma from Melt Cosmetics. On her lips I used one of my all time favorites — Retsina from Bite Beauty.

For her beach hair waves, I used a combination of Love & Salt and Sea Waves. I sprayed lightly, and made really loose waves with a flat iron to create a tousled, wind-blown beach hair look.



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