benefits of ice rolling

What Are The Benefits of Ice Rolling

benefits of ice rolling


If you’re expecting this thing to dramatically change the way you look — like make you look 18 and flawless instantly — stop dreaming because it won’t. BUT…it will totally reduce puffiness, calm redness, and firm the skin instantly! Used regularly, theΒ Ice Roller can change your skin over-all, but I think even more so important than the anti-aging potential, is the way it makes you feel. Not only will you feel awake, and cool, but your skin will feel rejuvenated and plush when you finish. Yes, I said plush. Stay tuned…I’ll cover it all.

Listen, your face swells when you sleep, when you travel, when you drink, or when you eat something you maybe shouldn’t have. Going through a breakup? Even worse. This tool is a serious 9-1-1 god-send for face-prep. As a makeup artist and skin care junkie, it’s important that the skin you are working with is healthy and happy. The ice roller is a great way to have a client prep their skin. (P.S. Even men can use these after shaving! It will help to reduce razor burn!)


An Ice Roller is a thing that you keep in your freezer until you need it. It has a roller that is made of gel, and when you put it in the freezer, it freezes like an ice pack. It’s like some genius who applied frozen spoons all over their entire body created a more practical tool. And it’s awesome.


You can use an ice roller whenever you want, really. But here are a few uses it can come in tremendously handy for:

  • rejuvenate skin
  • wake your ass up
  • sore muscles
  • bruises
  • minor injuries
  • cool down body temperature
  • reduce redness
  • soothes skin irritation
  • reduces puffy face/eyes
  • alleviate headaches
  • post-shave
  • post-facials

Seriously though, why didn’t I know about this after my first dermaplane?!This would have been HEAVEN before applying my skincare that saved me.

You’ll want to make sure you try to remember using it every day if you want to reap the major long-term anti-aging benefits. My suggestion: roll your face and neck while making coffee! The chill will make you feel like you took a double shot of espresso! πŸ™‚

What are your thoughts???

Love it or leave it? Don’t knock it ’til you try it!



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