best products for dirty straight wavy hair

Tips For Dirty Straight Hair

products for wavy hairTips For Dirty Straight Hair: Day 3 – it’s supposed to look like this!

The struggle is real. Washing your hair is work. I get it. I know. And I have curly hair, so when I straighten it — the goal is to get it to last as long as possible! But let’s be real, after a few days…reality set in.

So by day three of having straight hair you are debating with yourself over: do I wash my hair? It kinda needs it. Its kinda starting to look wavy and used and no one likes to straighten hair once its already been straightened because then it starts to feel dry, overworked, and yucky. So what do you do?

Girl, you make those dirty waves look intentional and milk it for one more day.

  1. Dry Shampoo: My favorite at the moment is TIGI. I dig the smell and the way it works. I have a sensitive scalp and this one doesn’t leave my head itchy.
  2. Salt Spray: Amazing for creating beach-like texture. Currently I am using one by Olivine Atelier called Love & Salt. Pretty much perfect for day three of the straight hair you have been rocking the last two days. Make it look intentional girl!
  3. Shine Mist: I love DryBar Sparkling Soda. Pick up the dullness with this shine spray. It not only adds shine, but smells delicious. No one will ever know your hair is on the last acceptable day!

Cheers to dirty hair that looks like it was totally meant to be that way…and still smells DELICIOUS. You’re welcome.



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