dermaplane results


dermaplane results

HOLY DERMAPLANE + RADIANT SKIN I dont know why it took me so long to give it a shot. Maybe because I didnt want to SHAVE my face and grow a beard? #justsayin. But after a bit of research I faced my fear and broke down my previous assumptions since I found that shaving vellus hairs won’t make them thicker or more course — and now that I have dermaplaned, I am never going back. Thank you to my girl Donna at Arizona Airbrush Studio for convincing me to give it a shot. #goodlookinout and NO this photo isnt edited ONE LITTLE BIT.

WHAT IS DERMAPLANING? Dermaplaning is basically a fancy way to say scraping of the face. In all seriousness, it is a gentle way to exfoliate the outermost layer of skin (epidermis) and in addition to that, it removes the fine facial peach fuzz (vellus hair) that is very common in women.

BESIDES THE OBVIOUS Removing the epidermis via dermaplaning causes minor ‘trauma’ to the skin. This trauma promotes the the production of collagen and elastin — both which have anti-aging benefits.

WHERE DID YOU GO? The first time I had a dermaplane, I didn’t go anywhere. I did it myself. Donna has gone somewhere in the past for hers, so she explained to me the process. She has also started giving herself her own dermaplanes, and so she successfully convinced me to give it a shot. (PS. this didnt take much convincing after I touched her face). However, since then, I have treated myself to a number of professional dermaplane sessions from Jennifer Swink at Celebrity Skin Scottsdale!

HOW DID YOU DO IT? When I did it on myself I used an eyebrow razor by Shiseido. It has little grooves in it and is meant to be used dry (as opposed to your typical Gillette razors which require shaving cream and should not be used for this). If you go to a professional, they will use a scalpel. I held my skin taut and gently scraped the razor over my skin at a 45 degree angle. After each section I wiped the razor clean. I did my forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck. I skipped my nose since it wasn’t a flat surface.

HOW LONG DID IT TAKE FOR YOU TO SEE A DIFFERENCE? I actually saw a difference instantly. In addition to removing the outermost layer of dead skin (epidermis) it also removes your peach fuzz (vellus hair). So with each section I hit, my skin looked instantly more vibrant.

DID IT HURT? It didn’t really hurt — it actually felt pretty good. However, since I do have sensitive skin, it hurt a little bit afterward when I went over my face with witch hazel. After I applied my nightly skin care, it felt instantly soothed. It hurt more when I did it to myself than when I had it done professionally.

MORNING AFTER I woke up in the morning and my skin literally took my breath away. I think the exfoliation helped my skin absorb my skin care products all the more efficiently because it felt SO soft, moisturized, and healthy. Come to think of it — your skins job is to keep foreign objects OUT of the body. Right? So — when you get rid of that outmost layer of skin, and break down the barrier, it opens the gate for your skin products to make their way in, increasing the efficacy and absorption of the products. I looked in the mirror and was blown away by how radiant and bright my skin looked.

WHY DOES THIS HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH MAKEUP? Because when I went to apply my makeup the next day — it seriously went on like BUTTER. Soooo smooth. It lasted better, it looked better, it felt better, it was just BETTER.

WHO CAN BENEFIT? Just about anyone! If you have acne, you will want to avoid dermaplaning the areas with breakouts. If you have overly sensitive skin, try this on a small section first. It could aggrivate your skin. If you are on retinols and cannot wax — make this your new go-to method for hair removal!

I dont necessarily recommend doing it yourself at home — that’s just what I chose to do initially. Please make sure you do your research and find someone qualified to do it (if you’re not doing it yourself). If you’re in the Phoenix area, get ahold of Jennifer! Tell her Lauren Reid sent you and you may just get spoiled πŸ™‚

xoxo cheers to radiant baby butt smooth skin



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