Best Products for Healthy Straight Hair lauren reid

Best Products for Healthy Straight Hair

healthy (5)Best Products for Healthy Straight Hair

So those of you who know me know that I have curly hair. In my older ages it’s rare for me to straighten my hair, but when I do, I can’t do it without these three products. Well, I can, but it will just look terrible and the blowout won’t last. However, when I use these, my hair is silky, soft, smooth, and smells delicious.

  1. Redken Extreme Anti Snap Leave In Treatment

    This stuff is a savior for dry, distressed, fine hair. I put it on right after my shower before I comb my hair. I find that it instantly makes my hair seem more elastic and less prone to breakage. Of course remember to use a wet brush when brushing wet hair!

  2. Its a 10 Miracle Leave In Product

    This stuff offers like 10 different benefits — all of which we should want. From protection, to conditioning, to thickness. All around this product just screams “let me help you, poor hair!”

  3. Kenra Blow Dry Spray

    This stuff not only protects your hair from the heat, but also cuts your drying time into practically thirds! It’s amazing!

There you have it — my straight hair holy grail happy healthy hair products. I apply them in that order after my shower every single time I am going to blow dry my hair.

xo #happyhealthyhair



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