benefits of using coconut oil

Benefits of Using Coconut Oil

Benefits of Using Coconut OilBenefits of Using Coconut Oil

Coconuts have definitely had their spot in the limelight over the past year or two – from the popularity of coconut water, to using coconut oil for a number of things (oil pulling, skin moisturizer, face wash, hair masks, healthy cooking alternatives – the list goes on) to coconut flavored everything! And I’m guilty. I use it for a number of things, on a daily basis. I use it in my hair – I use it on my face – I use it when I’m tanning – I use it when I cook – I use it in my coffee.

There are a number of benefits from using coconut oil.

Benefits of Using Coconut Oil Topically:

Applying coconut oil to the skin can improve the moisture and lipid content of the skin. I lather it on my face EVERY night, and on my body most nights. I have curly hair so I also use coconut oil in my hair after the shower. Although articles suggest using coconut oil as a mild sunscreen – I recommend NOT doing this. I tried it – and fried. Another use for coconut oil is oil pulling. Something else I tried – and just couldn’t stand the feeling of.

Benefits of Ingesting Coconut Oil:

The medium chain triglycerides in coconut oil have been shown to increase energy expenditure (which can ultimately lead to weight loss in the long run) – not to mention that it can kill your hunger, ultimately making you eat less every day. The fatty acids (Lauric acid and monolaurin) can also help prevent infections by killing harmful pathogens (for example, staphylococcus and candida albicans). In addition, coconut oil improves cardiovascular risk factors which in theory, can lead to a reduced risk of heart disease. I have used coconut oil in place of other oils while cooking for quite a while now but it wasn’t enough to reap the benefits.

So why am I writing this blog about coconut oil?

Because the other day I decided to put coconut oil straight into my cup of coffee (instead of blending/frothing it like most recipes suggest). I was timid because every article said that just stirring it in would be a nasty, oily, mess. My experience? It was genius. Not only was it fun to watch the oil dissolve in my coffee – but after drinking it, my lips felt and looked FABULOUS! I mean…come on! It’s like adding a moisturizing coconut oil lip gloss to your lips WHILE you drink!

benefits of using coconut oil

So how am I really using coconut oil now?

In addition to lathering coconut oil all over my face at night and in my hair post showers, and using it in my cooking, I am adding a teaspoon to my coffee (which is a must have anyway if I am trying to function) in the morning. So now in addition to reaping the benefits of using it topically – I can reap the benefits of ingesting it daily. Whether I blend or stir, depends on how bad I need my coffee LOL

Seriously…what’s better than waking up, drinking coffee, and having soft luscious lips, while feeding your body these magic fats that help nourish your body to promote weight loss and become an even healthier human being? #getwithit

Tips: Make sure you are buying the VIRGIN UNREFINED coconut oils.



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