what is the best mascara to use lauren reid makeup

What Is The Best Mascara?

what is the best mascara to use lauren reid makeupWhat is the best mascara?

It’s a makeup question I often get…and I actually LOVE to answer.

For the majority of skincare and makeup I really think that it is important to make an investment. I feel like you often get what you pay for, regardless of people claiming that what you get in the drug store is the same item it’s sister company sells at a high markup. Think what you want, but I swear lower-end makeup looks dusty to me. Dusty makeup means there isnt as as much pigment. Not as much pigment, to me, means a lesser-grade product.

HOWEVER, when it comes to mascara…I have to disagree with myself.

So this past week I decided that I wanted to do a side by side mascara comparison for you all.

However, I only lasted five days because I was losing more lashes than I ever wanted to…anything over none is too many, and I lost about 5! Not cool.

Pictured, are my eyeballs, adorned with my natural lashes, and each pair of pictures representing a different popular brand of mascara. I often get asked what my favorite mascara is — or what the best mascara to use is — and it’s hard for me to give an answer because I say, personally? Or for my kit?

And yes, there is a difference. I have a favorite for both situations. Why?


My Favorite Mascara For My Kit

In my kit I am not allowed to use the applicator brush that is designed for a given mascara, so to me, it’s all about the formula. If it’s a good formula, it will work great with any brush, even a disposable one! If it’s only a decent formula and the brush is amazing, then I can only use it for my personal kit. And if neither are great, well I wasted my money. See where I am going? haha. Here we go.

1. L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Curved.

THIS right here, is my holy grail. And not just the “Curved”. I also LOVE the false fibers version of Voluminous. This is the brand you will spot me with 99% of the time. Why? It’s amazing! It looks natural, it goes on beautifully, it adds fullness to the base and adds a little length, without being clumpy. I get the non-waterproof one (because I haaaaate waterproof), and it tends to wear really well, yet I can wash it off COMPLETELY with no residue using only my face wash. #winning. My lashes feel light to the touch, my eyes do not get sensitive from it. Better yet — you can find it at the drug store! So no paying plus twenty dollars for a mascara that you can fall in love with. Voluminous is where its at. Would I buy again? DUH.

2. Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real!

My lashes were long, but not full. It took a LOT of work to get my lashes to separate and it has one of those pokey brushes. It wore really well, because it’s waterproof, but I hate waterproof and it made my eyes really sensitive. My lashes felt really stiff to the touch, and did I mention I hate having to use makeup remover? Would I buy again? No.

3. TOO FACED Better Than Sex.

Okay, I absolutely LOVED the brush and I love the way it made my lashes look. HELLO…that profile view is amazing. The mascara went on easily, there was minimal to no clumping and my lashes felt a lot less stiff. My eyes were not as sensitive, but it also wasn’t as long-wearing. I noticed that after a good sweat session, there was a little bit under my eyes. But to me, I’d rather that than full waterproof, unless I were a bride or doing a sweaty messy photoshoot, etc. I found it strange that it wore under my eyes, but still wouldnt come off with just my face wash. I still needed a makeup remover to get the stuff off. Would I buy again? Yes.

4.ย LORAC Cobra.

Okay. Kill me now. What the hell?! Took me FOREVER to get my mascara on – it was super clumpy, the brush was just insane, and by the time I brushed them out, I should have just worn NOTHING and looked better. I seriously wanted to wash it off after I put it on — but I didn’t want to waste my face product that looked killer. The struggle was so real. Would I buy again? No…no…NO.

5. MAKE UP FOR EVER Smoky Extravagant.

Putting this on took me a little while, but just because the brush was so big for my itty bitty eyes. Not in a bad way — just it is what it is. Aside from #1, this was my favorite wearing product for waterproof. It didn’t bother my eyes, it didn’t get clumpy…but it still made my lashes feel slightly stiff to the touch. Would I buy again? Yes.

what is your favorite mascara? which one do you want to see me test next?



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