Make Time for YOU.

Sometimes being surrounded by people, no matter how quality they are, becomes exhausting. It starts to take a toll on you and your well being. You find yourself more worn out than usual and feeling on edge. You start to feel like walls are closing in on you by the minute and there is only one way out: to get away. But you’re so busy that you can’y really “get away”, you can only “get away”. Get away from the people, the drama, the phone, the emails; you get away from being connected. In today’s world it is so hard to escape just that — being connected…especially when your job depends on being available and on standby. Your down time is spent responding to messages and returning calls that you missed while too busy to acknowledge when they first took place. You no longer really have YOU time.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 9.56.22 AM.pngOver the past few years I have realized how important YOU time really is. So often we are working to serve others (I guess I could be speaking for myself here, being the generous, supportive being that I am) that we forget to serve ourselves. YOU time is so important. It helps keep you grounded and to become balanced, it rejuvenates you, it give you time to reflect on what you are and where you’re heading, and gives you time to appreciate how you got here and to be gratuitous for it all, no matter how hard the struggle.

YOU time may come at the expense of relationships with others, but it’s worth it. After all, the relationship we have with ourselves is the most important relationship in our lives, and we should be catering to and serving our own self. Make yourself happy. Stop depending on someone or something else to add value to your life…instead, add it yourself.

So often we get caught up spending time doing the wrong things, or maybe not even wrong, just not enough of the right things. Meditating has helped me see how beneficial giving yourself the time, the space, the control, and the self love really is to a happy well being. When you skip out on giving yourself those things, you are cheating yourself from happiness.

So how does this relate to beauty? Why is this on my makeup blog? Well, aside from the fact that I just wanted to share this…it’s on here because when you’re feeling less than divine inside, it shows on the outside. Beauty radiates from within, so when your inner self is becoming cloudy, stressed, hectic, overwhelmed, and neglected, your appearance begins to reflect that. No amount of skin care or makeup or hair dye can change it. Trust me, I’ve tried! (This is coming from someone who has peeling skin from overuse of facial products obsessing over my usually non-existent breakout, purple hair much shorter than I am used to, an exhausted jaw from stress, and baggy tired eyes from lack of sleep.) I’ve been through it all!

Sometimes all we need to do is MAKE TIME TO SLOW DOWN. Give yourself the time you are always giving to other people. Adjust your priorities. Stop putting other people before you. MAKE TIME FOR YOU TIME. Feel beautiful. Remind yourself why you’re so amazing (because we all are, and we all deserve that). Find happiness in being alone inside yourself. Cleanse yourself from the inside out. Get in your thoughts, your emotions, and roll with them. Stop trying to change them, stop trying to avoid them. Take them for what they are and carry on. Que sera, sera…and that’s ok!

Don’t get so busy living that you forget to exist.

Happy Monday


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