how to fix a hangover face

How To Fix Hangover Face

How To Cure Hangover Face!

Too much fun last night? Is the proof in the way you look?  We’ve all been there.

Get your fresh face back in no time.  While you may still FEEL horrible, at least you won’t look it. 😉 #secretsaresafewithme

how to cure a hangover face
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  1. Depuff.  Place slices of cucumber or wet tea bags over your eyes for 10-15 minutes.  This will help minimize swelling and will help hydrate the delicate skin around your eyes that the drinking and lack of sleep has sucked from you.  Worst case? Use cold spoons. Another great eye trick for tired, wrinkly, puffy eyes is to apply an eye cream that contains caffeine.
  2. Concealer.  Your eyes are probably dark and slightly swollen still.  If you’re fair-medium skin-toned, use a concealer with a yellow undertone to help mute the dark circles of evidence. If you have much darker skin and therefore your circles are really dark brown, almost grey, use an orange-based concealer. 🙂
  3. Foundation.  Even out your malnourished pale or pink blotchy skin tone to create a fresh new canvas! Skin is everything. My favorite is Make Up For Ever HD.
  4. Bronzer. Add some bronzer to your cheeks, chin, and forehead to get back a natural glow. Fake it til you make it!
  5. Blush.  Lightly dust on a pop of peach to your cheeks to reveal a natural, youthful, healthy glow. Your blood is probably all flowing to your pounding headache right now —  but no one has to know.
  6. Neutral eye liner.  Use a neutral eyeliner to line the inner rim of your eyes.  The neutral color will help your eyes pop and appear bight.  Using darker colors will add to the dry, irritated, I am hung over look.
  7. Pop of lips.  Really play up your lips the day after a long night. Keeping the eyes simple and the lips popping will help draw attention away from your tired eyes and keep people focused on your lips. Don’t forget to keep them moisturized and to drink PLENTY of water!

If all else fails, some champagne works too! 😉 I kid. Kind of.

In all seriousness, these tips hold true for even more than just being hung over. Whether you are hungover, tired, sick, or just need a quick face-fix, these should be your go-to’s.



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