Magic Is In the Smile

IMG_20140801_102741If you know me, you know that “The best accessory is a smile” is a phrase I truly believe and encourage.  It was something instilled in my head growing up — anyone is beautiful sharing a smile.

Did you know that your face has 44 muscles in it?  Those 44 muscles allow you to make over 5,000 expressions!  Why should you aim to make the majority of those expressions a smile?  Well, first I will share some scientific reasons why.  And then I’ll hit you with my sappy side.


  • SMILING MAKES YOU HAPPY…even if you’re not.  Smile, and help your mind think you are happy.  It works — there is a true mind-body connection between your brain and your smile.  When you mimic expressions, your body creates physiological changes to reflect that emotion.  This also helps you de-stress.  Take some deep breaths and smile next time you feel anxious or stressed out.
  • YOUR SMILE MAKES OTHER PEOPLE HAPPY.  Smiles are so contagious.  When you smile, it encourages other people to smile…therefore sending everyone on their way with a happy feeling inside their mind and body!  Unless of course you live in a big city where people think you’re crazy for smiling at them.  In which case, my advice is to MOVE or smile at them anyway. haha
  • MORE ATTRACTIVE.  There is something about a smile that is so beautiful and inviting.  A Real, genuine, smile is irreplaceable in the mind’s book of memories.  Why would you want someone to remember you by anything short of the beautiful smile you shared with them in passing by?  A smile makes you appear more friendly, more confident, more inviting, and more desirable.
  • IT FEELS GOOD.  It feels good to be happy.  To smile.  To encourage others around you to lift their spirits.  It feels good to be thankful and appreciative and to reflect that gratitude to the universe with a simple smile.  Being high on life is the only high to be.  So HELLO…why are you doing anything BUT smiling?!

Okay — so onto more personal thoughts of smiles and their importance.  Smiles are one of the reasons I do what I do.  Let’s start off by explaining that nearly EVERYONE who sits in my chair for the first time apologizes for something about the way they look.  Whether it’s the fact that they are tired and have bags, their skin is dry, they have breakouts or pregnancy masks — you name it.  I feel as though people are SO hard on themselves on a day to day basis, and their insecurities only multiply when they sit there completely vulnerable and bare faced in my makeup chair.  But what I see is something completely different.  I see a beautiful fresh canvas that I have never touched before.  I see beautiful skin and beautiful eyes.  I see someone who is truly SO beautiful with only one problem:  the fact that they don’t believe it themselves.  So here I go working my magic, painting face, bringing their inner beauty to the surface.  And how do I do that?  By showing them what they already have.  By making them FEEL beautiful.  By smiling as I go when I see my canvas.  The art itself is why I DO what I do.  But it’s when I hand them the mirror at the end…that moment right there…is why I LOVE what I do.

For some, it’s a gasp.  For others, it’s borderline tears.  For almost all (with the exception of the few who will most likely never be happy), one thing they have in common with each other, is that they SMILE at themselves.  They FEEL beautiful, happy, worthy.  They feel alive and refreshed,  And the aura that shines after that smiling moment makes my heart beat and gives me butterflies.  You shouldnt need makeup to feel beautiful, but sometimes makeup is what it takes to remind you from time to time of the beautiful person you are — not only on the outside, but more importantly, on the inside.

The smile is what’s magical. It’s not the lipstick.  Or the size of your lips.  Or how white your teeth are.  It’s what’s behind that smile…inspiring happiness…and wanting to share it with the world.

My dad always tells me…”Be sure to share your smile today!” and now I leave you with the same advice.  xoxo

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