best eyebrow shapes

Best Eyebrow Shapes and Sizes

Best Eyebrow Shapes and Sizes

The land where size really DOES matter and I invite you to say #BROWSONFLEEK confidently ūüôā

Let’s talk about something that is probably overlooked by the majority of people when getting ready. ¬†They are one of the MOST important features on the face: they show emotion, they frame the eyes and face, and they complete any look.

the best eyebrow shape
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You can have a great face, perfect makeup, but when paired with a mess of a pair of eyebrows — it means nothing except potential disaster.

Eyebrow styles and trends come and go, but one thing that should remain constant? ¬†Shaped, groomed, and defined. ¬†The right shape, size, and thickness is ultimately up to you and the shape of your face. ¬†However, no one’s face is best suited for a uni-brow or “Sharpie” brows.

So, what do I think Constitutes a great brow

  1. A great arch.

    You can see in the picture above where the different parts of the eyebrow should be.  Generally speaking, the inner most corner should meet with your nose, the arch should be at the outside edge of your iris, and the brow should end at the diagonal line from your nostril to the outside edge of your eye.

  2. Color.

    The color you choose for your eyebrows should be consistent with the color of hair on your head. ¬†Do not use black eyebrow makeup if you have platinum blonde hair. ¬†This will just look absurd and unnatural. When dealing with browns, make sure your color doesn’t have a funky undertone. ¬†I see some products look orange or red once applied. ¬†This isn’t a good look. ¬†Find one that is a true brown.

  3. Bold.

    Make a statement! ¬†Groomed brows doesn’t imply thin brows. ¬†In fact, the most beautiful, bold, statement setting, face defining brows I see are THICK brows. ¬†Thick, well maintained, appropriately shaped brows.

One of the best things I’ve ever discovered is eyebrow tint (that’s a link to the one I use, and you also need the developer to mix with it). ¬†This one simple product alone can make a world of difference — especially for men and women who aren’t looking to wear makeup but would like to see their brows!

Lauren Reid Eyebrows Before and AfterYou can see three pictures to the left. ¬†The first is my before. ¬†These are my au natural brows. ¬†The middle is my after eyebrow tint. ¬†See what a difference just that makes? ¬†And the photo on the far right is after I applied a little bit of eyebrow makeup to fill in the sparse areas. ¬†(I applied the makeup while driving — do not attempt unless there is no other option haha)

As a slight side note,¬†MEN — your brows are important, too!

Your shape and size doesn’t have to be as “on” as your female counterpart, but don’t overlook yours completely. ¬†Nothing is wrong with cleaning up your brows. ¬†It’s not a good look having furry eyelids…and uni-brows don’t look good on you either. ¬†Please, please, please don’t take a razor down the middle of your brows. ¬†Just like when females over groom theirs, it looks completely unnatural.

I promise that males getting their brows professionally shaped and groomed is more common than you think and is totally acceptable.

Please…everyone take care of the caterpillars on your face….or the lack there of ūüôā




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