Less Is More. Naturally beautiful.


Less is more.  And this was actually my very first shoot I ever did…literally…my first ever at the completion of my makeup certification.  The main reason for me posting it is to show that makeup doesn’t have to be overdone.  In the same sense, getting that fresh faced, beautiful skin, “Neutrogena glow” does require some makeup, and in some cases more than some. No job is too small for a makeup artist; lighting can be deceptive, but it doesn’t lie.  This model has on a full face of makeup, including strip lashes.

Another reason I wanted to write this post is because I think it is important to feel comfortable when you aren’t hiding behind 100 shades of art, because let’s face it…that’s what makeup artistry is. Stop comparing yourself.  Even the girls on tv and in ads who look like they aren’t wearing makeup and are “so lucky” to have flawless skin and beautiful eyelashes, are wearing makeup, in magnificent lighting, with an extremely talented creative team by her side, and at the end of it all…still get retouched.

There has to be at least one feature on your face that you’re comfortable with, so my advice is to play that feature up and rock it.  If you feel beautiful in your own skin, it will radiate.  Be you.  You’re beautiful, original, and uniquely YOU.  No one is perfect…and what is perfect anyway?


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