Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Clean Makeup BrushesSo, what is one thing you are likely to NOT do in your beauty regimen?  I am willing to bet that the answer is: clean your makeup brushes.  When you are using them on your own face, it may not cross your mind that they need to be cleaned.  Makeup brushes can be the host of many forms of bacteria.  Ones that can even be leading to the worsening of your breakouts!  You should be cleaning your personal makeup brushes at least once a week.  If you are in the industry, however, once a week just won’t cut it.  I am a germaphobe, so I deep clean them regularly on top of cleaning and sanitizing after each use.  This, and other hygienic practices, are very important to me!  The questions I get most are: How Often, What Do I Use, and How Do I Do It?  Here are your answers!

How Often Should I Wash My Makeup Brushes?  
If you’re an individual, at least once a week.  If you’re in the industry…after every single time the brush touches anything!

What Do I Use To Clean My Makeup Brushes?  
You can use a brush cleaner, or something as simple as baby shampoo; antibacterial hand soap is also a good choice.  If you’re in the industry and need them to dry quickly in between each use, use an industry grade brush cleaner that is designed for this.  My favorite is the one by Cinema Secrets.  It dries quickly, cleans well, and smells like vanilla!  Yum.

How Do I Clean My Makeup Brushes?  To clean your makeup brushes with soap (baby shampoo, antibacterial, etc) you want to first wet the brush bristles. Be sure you aren’t getting the whole brush wet because for brushes with wooden handles, the process will expand and contract the wood and will eventually lead to brush heads falling apart.  I put a small size soap in the palm of my hand and rub it around gently with the wet brush.  I wash and rinse repeatedly until the water runs clear.  Then I squeeze out the excess water from my brush, reshape the bristles, and lay on a flat,clean surface to dry.  To clean them with a brush cleaner on set or in between each use, you can put a little a bit of the Cinema Secrets brush cleaner in a small jar. Wipe the excess product off of the brush, dip the bristles into the cleaner, and rub gently on a towel until it rubs clear.  Reshape the bristles and lay flat to dry.  Usually this only takes about five minutes at the most.

Be sure to take the extra time to keep yourself clean and sanitary.  If you don’t do it for you, do it for your skin! 🙂  Happy skin = happy makeup.

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