how to fix broken powder

How to Fix Broken Pressed Powder

The Broken Pressed Powder Struggle Is REAL

I’m sure this picture looks familiar to most of us.  How annoying is it when your favorite powders shatter toward the end of use?  ANNOYING!

I wanted to share a little before and after of some operation save-my-pressed-powder-that-is-now-in-a-million-pieces.  My illuminating powder had been broken in my kit for quite some time and I just never took the sixty seconds out of my day to fix it.

So a couple weeks ago, I did it!  I had seen all of these DIY (do it yourself) solutions, but the one that made the most sense to me was the one using isopropyl alcohol.

before and after broken pressed powder

How to fix your broken powders:

1.  Take your broken pressed powder compact and add isopropyl alcohol.  I used medical grade 99% since that’s what I use in my kit, but I think 70-80% which you find at drug stores should work the same.

2.  Add just enough to make a thick consistency.  Break up the little clumps and stir in the alcohol.  Smooth it as much as possible.  You can see I didnt do a great job of smoothing mine, but I was a little impatient 🙂 #justgetonmyface

3.  Let it sit open to dry.  I live at the beach so I let mine sit to dry over night.  However, in drier climates the alcohol should dry in no time!

Results?  The powder works just the same as before it was shattered.

P.S. The reason why I chose the isopropyl alcohol method was because the alcohol doesnt degrade the quality of the makeup as much as other products (if at all).

You’re welcome!



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