Prep + Prime Lashes

So…I gave in and decided to try a lash primer.  Why?  Oh, just because I felt like spending more money on makeup.  Why else?  I mean…isn’t that what I’m here for?  To try things and let you know what I love and don’t love?  Let me spend the money while you kick back and relax! I’m good at it.


Lash PrimerOk, but seriously.  I tried Prep + Prime Lash from MAC Cosmetics.  It caught my attention when I was placing an order a while back because I liked that it said it “conditioned” your lashes.  That sounded pretty luxurious!  So I put it to the test today.  I didn’t wear any other makeup…but I decided to at least throw some mascara on to see how this stuff looked and felt.  One eye has only one coat of mascara while the other eye has the one coat of mascara on top of one coat of the Prep + Prime Lash.

So far these are the results:

  • Yes, it makes a visual difference.  The eye with the primer has fuller looking lashes with the same amount of actual mascara.
  • Yes, I can tell that eye has more on the lashes — it feels a bit heavier when I blink.
  • Yes, they feel fuller to the touch.
  • No, I’m not going to go wash it off and tell you what comes off easier…well, not yet at least 🙂
  • No, I don’t feel crazy for rocking two different looking sets of lashes today!

Does anyone else use a lash primer?  What is your favorite?

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