Get the Look! Grey Lips

So this morning I decided to go through a makeup drawer, which I havent done since I moved to California in January.  So…I got a bit carried away and started putting a million things on my face using only what was in my drawer….

Well, I just so happened to love one of the combinations I did. So I snapped a picture and posted it to my social media.  Apparently I need to start rocking grey lips more often, because people seem to love it.  So — here we go.  Get the look!


Face – This side of my face was MAC Mineralize Moisture SPF 15 Foundation.  I applied that and then heavily contoured my cheek — use whatever you normally use for contouring.  I didn’t feel like getting up and didn’t have my contouring products near me, so I used eye shadow. haha. Brows – Maybelline Expert Wear pencil in Dark Brown.  Cheapie you can find at a drug store, Target, etc.

Eyes: Shadow – MAC Pink Freeze on my lid and brow bone.  Then used Urban Decay Stardust in Moon Spoon for the crease (which by the way, just saw was on a HUGE SALE! from $20 to $6.00!  stock up!)  Liner – Starry Eyeliner Gel…don’t even know where this came from!!!

Lips:  My oh so fabulous makeup artist friend over at Paradox Makeup Artistry sent me this grey lipstick from MAC called Grey Friday.  This was a color I actually wanted, and never had a chance to purchase!  She is so good to me!  It was a bit sheer for my red lips so I lined the outside of my lips with the Starry Eyeliner Gel and

then added the lipstick on top!



As for the hair — can’t help you there.  That’s my mane in a beachy humid climate after sleeping all night! Good luck with your grey look…and beware, it might bring out your inner unicorn!!




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