The Best Blushes

Nars Duo Bronzing - Orgasm and Laguna

Per request, I wanted to share with you my favorite blushes. On the higher end, I recommend my all time favorite – Orgasm by NARS. I love the light peachy-pink color. It looks great on a lot of different skin tones and isn’t overkill. You can build the color by applying more, or keep it a sheer hint of color. I love the radiant sheen to it. It’s stunning. Many of you have also asked about contouring — which is meant to be a blog of its own.  However, since I am talking about this great blush…I wanted to throw in this great side note!  If you are looking for a contour product as well, NARS has the most amazing duo — Orgasm AND Laguna — which is a personal favorite for contouring!!!  A nice little bonus if you are out to buy the blush 🙂

Ok…back to blush.  Another one of my favorites are tarte cheek stain - best blushTarte’s cheek stains! These are cream, as opposed to a powder, so I tend to like the way this looks as a more “natural” and skin-finish.

As always — please remember that blush goes on the areas of the face where you would be NATURALLY flushed.  Think about how you look after a jog.  To make it easier, smile while you apply the blush and dust it on the apples of your cheeks.  Blushing cheekbones are not natural, are stuck in the 80’s, and are meant for very specific looks…not an every day application.

What are your guys’ favorite go-to blushes?




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