2013! Year of the Snake

So I said in my previous post about wrapping up 2012 I had some crazy news…and that those of you who know me will understand.  I know you are all curious because my messages are blowing up!  

So I wont make you wait.  What you’re looking at below is the big change. It’s the house that was built in 1915 by my grandfather as a summer cottage in Newport Beach, CA.  My dad fought long and hard to make it possible for me to spend my summers there growing up, and a few close friends have been able to experience it with me and can probably co-sign that it’s one of the best places ever…especially the outdoor shower!!!  I am so fortunate to have a loving cousin behind this HUGE step.  I have always talked about going to Cali…but I was always one toe over, one toe cemented in AZ.  Thanks for pushing me Kristen!  And thanks for all of the support to my family who never laughed at me for wanting to do the things I want to do in life and always told me I could do anything I put my mind to….and to the friends who have been there along the way, watching me make crazy decisions my entire life…I know I am not always easy 🙂  I love you all.  And another thanks to my previous coworkers who support me even when I move on — and to those who continue to open doors for me, I will always be indebted to you.  By the way….I will be teaching another class at ASU while I am gone. 🙂 I sign my papers with them today! 



The good news is that I will be returning quite often to the desert.  At least once a month. So to those amazing souls I have worked with here in Arizona, our time is not over.  I just really need to spread my wings and take some risks.  I will be all of a sudden a nobody!    Even more, I know the beach is where I am going to really come to be at peace with myself, and that’s what I need to kick this year off right.  

And yes…I am scared shitless. So like I said, call me crazy, but I deserve it 🙂 xoxo Happy New Years!  Never give up.


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