Wrapping up 2012

First thing on my mind this morning was “Lauren, you need to write down what a crazy awesome year this was!”  I started thinking about how funny it was that last New Years my main goal for the year was to do at least three photo shoots a month to “put my portfolio on steroids” (verbatim). In January 2012 I thought this goal was crazy!!  “Yeah right, that will be insane! 3?! Me?!”  (Mind you, I was working full time doing freelance marketing making ends meet!)  But today I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at myself reflecting back.  I now know better than to doubt myself — we can all accomplish what we set our minds to, given that we want it bad enough.  (And believe me, I wanted it bad!!)  I wrapped up the year not having enough Me’s to cover all of the jobs that sought after me!

And what’s even more than that?????

I end this year with an AMAZING network of friends, colleagues, role models, and partners….and a BEAUTIFUL portfolio.  For those who have been by my side through this journey of mine over 2012, I want to take a minute to remind you of how appreciative I am of you all.  It was never ever easy!!!  Thank you thank you thank you.  I have learned so much, taught so much, and shared so much.  I hope it never ends.

My goal for this year (2013) is to keep chasing my dreams.  Yes, I understand that means I will be taking huge risks and making crazy decisions that might seem out of this world to some people…but those who really know me and my crazy self will understand!!

So…with that said…stay tuned for the announcement of some crazy news to kick off 2013!!!!!!  Cheers to the year we just defeated, and the one we are about to dominate (I mean…it IS the year of the snake!!!)


Have fun, stay safe, and HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!  Love you all so so much xoxoxoxoxoxo

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