My Top FAVORITES – Best Mascaras

So I am writing this blog because I feel that in the past few months I have had a ton of people ask me what my favorite mascaras are.  WHY NOT WRITE A BLOG?  Okay, so let’s get to it.   What are my favorite mascaras?  Well, like always–it depends on what look I am trying to achieve.  I am going to list my favorite mascaras and then use the description from their websites to explain what their claim to fame is!   Though these aren’t the only mascara’s I use — these are the ones that are going to be most readily available to you all.  The other mascara I use is a pro-only item so I refrained from posting about that.

Check out a previous blog that has three big mascara tips.  In addition to that…please note that I only use waterproof mascara when I am doing a bridal party (ton of emotions) or a shoot that involves water. I try to stay far away from waterproof mascara because I just know that stuff can’t be good for your eyes. If I don’t like washing it off of myself, I don’t want to make you have to wash it off when I am done with you! Karma 🙂  I also can’t remind you enough that in order to get curled lashes that last all day, you need to use an eyelash curler before you apply your mascara.


Voluminous1. L’Oreal Paris Voluminous False Fiber Lashes. “Our lash sculpting fiber formula adheres to lashes for a volumized sculpted lash effect. Lashes appear fuller, longer, sculpted and curled from every angle. Clump-free, Flake-free, Smudge-free, Fragrance Free. Allergy tested and suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.”

I make sure this is in my kit at all times! I love it. It is my ALL time favorite! It really adds some oomph to your lashes without looking too fake. I know there are other “Voluminous” mascaras by L’Oreal, but this one has won me over so far.


Full 'N Soft(R)2. Maybelline Full ‘N Soft. “Builds full, healthy-looking lashes without the brittle feel. Prevents loss of lashes with Quick Dissolve System that allows easy mascara removal. Advanced thickening formula with Vitamin E helps to soften and nourish lashes. No clumps, no globs. Contact lens safe and hypoallergenic.”

This is THE BOMB mascara for a natural look. They are not kidding when they say your lashes wont feel brittle. This mascara keeps the lashes looking full, dark, natural, and soft to the touch!


DiorShow3.  Dior Show.DiorShow Mascara is Dior’s original, must-have mascara that delivers ultra-glam, catwalk-length lashes. Makeup artists all over the world use this product to create the longest, thickest, curviest lashes ever.”  

Dior Show leaves lashes thick, long, and curled! This mascara has been one of my favorites for years!  I use this when I really want my eyes to pop.  P.S.  It even smells kinda yummy haha.


What are your favorite mascaras?   Comment below with your favorites and why you love them!  PS–dont forget the all time goody “Maybelline Great Lash” mascara.  The neon pink and green tube!!  You can never fail with that stuff — and their brushes are finally in this century of design 🙂



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