how to tan safely with best self tanner

Get Your Tan On…SAFELY!

So we all know that warmer weather leads to an ever-increasing urge to be tan.  I mean, don’t we all want to be a bronze goddess?  And why would anyone blame us, right?

As a makeup artist, I have no favorite color of skin — I love them all and each color is a new canvas — but I definitely CAN say that I like my own personal skin to be on the sunkissed/tan side.

Being tan makes you look leaner and accentuates angles in the body and face. It also helps to hide any scarring, and also evens out my skintone from imperfections of rosacea and melasma.

tantalizer self tannerAs I am flipping through a catalog, I remembered that I have two MUST have bronzing products I wanted to share with you!

1.  LORAC TANtalizer.  Basically, this is my best friend.  Why?  Where do I start???

  • For some odd reason I just love the smell.
  • In addition to the smell, I love love love the way this bronzer looks.  The body bronzing luminzer goes on so beautifully — its a beautiful rose-gold color (they made a Deep Bronze color too if you have darker skin).
  • It spreads easily, looks healthy, and smells delish!
  • It “instantly gives your body a sexy, flawless, better-than-natural st tropez bronzing moussetan…without streaking”.  You can use it on your cheeks, forehead, and a touch on the nose for a sunkissed look — or you can use it all over your body for a quick healthy glow (it washes off, though!)
  • Best of all…it’s NOT greasy!

2.   St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse.  i tried this after learning that one of my makeup artist inspirations Kandee Johnson uses it every day and let me tell you–this really is the best fake-tan that you can buy in a bottle. The mousse consistency makes for easy application and their formula doesn’t smell nearly as bad as most self tanners. Better yet — this product doesn’t make you orange either! The tan it creates is so gradual that you can use it every single day.

Exfoliate your skin, slather moisturizer on your face and body, and then slap this stuff on (but be careful around your hairline, and dont forget your neck if you wear your hair up), Make sure to rub it in well!

Cheers to glowing skin — even if you’re too busy to see the sunshine 🙂




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