5 Do’s and Don’ts for Great Hair!

This is a guest blog article from one of my dear friends, Breana Frisch.  Breana is not only an amazing person, she is an amazing hair and makeup artist (she also makes really cute hats!)  who I had the pleasure of meeting in my makeup class in Newport.  I know we all have bad face days, and bad hair days, so I thought I would ask her to write a guest article for my blog on 5 things we should we should be (and shouldn’t be) doing to keep our hair looking sassy and healthy.

Here are the 5 Do’s and Don’ts:

5.  DO use a deep conditioner.  Use once a week for very dry or damaged hair, and less if it’s healthier.  Be sure to alternate between protein and moisture based ones.
DON’T leave on any protein based deep conditioner for more than 20  minutes!!  EVER!!  Too much protein will make your hair stiff and cause more breakage. If the bottle says protein, reconstructive, repairing, or anything like that, it’s probably protein. All you have to do is read the bottle, if it says 15-20 minutes, only do that!

4. DO invest in a good heat protectant if you use a flat iron or curling iron often!  Does it All by Bumble and Bumble is great! It not only protects against heat damage, but it doesn’t get sticky, and it protects against humidity so on rainy days you won’t have to worry about your hair getting wavy/curly/frizzy.  Just spray each section right before you use your weapon of choice.
DON’T be afraid of hairspray!  A good quality one won’t leave you with stiff, immobile hair.  Osis Elastic by Schwarzkopf is a great light weight one that’s not too pricey.  Static hair weather? Spray a light weight hairspray on the palms of your hands and immediately run over your hair to control static or fly-aways without making your hair
look dirtier!

3. DO get the most out of what you have!  Did you know you can curl your hair with your flat iron? A smaller 1″ one works the best. You might need a friend to help you with this one at first.  Take sections no longer than one inch, and no wider than about half an inch, and holding your flat iron vertically, clamp at the roots. While holding it closed, start turning the iron over and over until you’ve reached the ends. Be patient, and take your time, it takes a few practices to get it right, but the end results are great!
DON’T hold a flat iron on one area! The flat iron must constantly be moving, to avoid burning your hair and to avoid creases in your hair. When attempting to curl your hair with a flat iron, don’t think you know better and clamp your ends then turn in like you would with a curling iron. Not only are your ends the most delicate part, but since the outside of the flat iron isn’t hot, the rest of your hair beyond the first layer won’t get curled, you’ll also have a very sharp crease at the ends that will be difficult to get out.

2. DO have fun with your color! From all the beautiful shades of red, to the ombre trend of darker roots to lighter ends, to simply blonde highlights,  changing your hair color can make a statement, make you feel more beautiful, more seductive or even younger. Reds can be very subtle to very bold, find one that you like, and ask your hair stylist if it compliments your skin tone. Sometimes a cooler or warmer color will work better for you. Grey hairs are more easily disguised with lighter colors, and are less noticeable when growing out than they are with dark colors.
DON’T ask your stylist to change your look every time you go in. Drastically changing your color usually requires bleaching or stripping, and in moderation your hair can handle it, but every month or two, or three, is too much! So if you love changing between every color in the rainbow, try to give your hair a break. Hair that looks and feels like straw isn’t cute, and we totally can tell.

1. DO bring in pictures of hair cuts/color that you like when you get your hair done.  This isn’t any secret, but there are people that don’t know how to communicate, either the client, who can’t convey what they want, or the stylist, who thinks she/he knows what the client wants. Pictures are the best way to avoid a miscommunication and end up with an asymmetrical cut as opposed to a symmetrical one.
DON’T assume the stylist understands simply because they nod. And this is coming from a hair stylist. A good stylist should take in what you say, then repeat to you what they got from that. So if they say “okay so you want an inch off the length and some choppy yet blended layers, with more layers around your face, and straight across bangs, right?” you’re in the clear. If they say “Okay, let’s get you shampooed”, feel free to say something like, “just to be sure we’re clear, can you tell me what you are going to do?”.  If the stylist seems offended or is actually rude because you asked, you probably shouldn’t be going to them. You want someone that listens to YOU, it is your hair after all.

Now get out there and whip that hair back and fourth!

Breana Frisch, Hair and Makeup Artist 

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