My Foundation Experiment Results Are In!

So today I tried two new products on myself, and I mixed them with a matte-finish, acne-fighting primer I told you about in how to curb oily skin blog. Instead of trying the product and then applying more product throughout the day, like we all normally do, I decided to go ALL day without touching up ANYTHING.  Big deal, right?  Well, for a chick like me with bright red cheeks, an oily nose, and super red lips, it is a HUGE deal!!  But I made it.  Yes, I made it ALL day without adding any powder.  What’s even better than that?  These results made it through:  a 6am meeting, an 8 hour day in an 81 degree office, touching my face, eating two meals, going for a walk, and doing laundry.  In other words, these results are real.


Check it out.  Here’s what I did.

In my morning shower I washed my face and gently exfoliated my face.  After my shower I put on my face moisturizer and then put on my Clearprep FX Matte Foundation Primer and Anti-Acne Treatment.  Felt great going on and definitely had a matte finish.

After my primer I used my NEW concealer: Conceal FX Camouflage Concealer.  Honestly, I only tried this because Cover FX sent a sample — but I am IN LOVE.  The second I put it on I saw a day and night difference.  Bye bye redness!! I’m serious — having red skin is so embarrassing even I want to hide it!! I applied this to my cheeks, the corners of my nose, and under/around my eyes.  They sent me a sample in “light” which happened to be my perfect color (and I am not exactly light).  So I would advise you to go a tad lighter than you would expect.  Just saying.

Over this I applied my Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation which is also amazing.  It is very thick, but has great coverage.  I use C50.  If you go to their homepage and scroll to the bottom center, you will see a place where you can Discover Your Foundation Shade Match.  This is an amazing tool if you dont have access to a retailer!  From my experience, the suggestions have been right on.


Cover FX Primer, Concealer, and Foundation Experiment

[the change in lighting is due to changes in the time of day]

As I said before, I didn’t apply anything all day long and when I got home from my hectic day, I still had coverage.  Not as much as when it was freshly applied, but more than I expected.  Although my nose was a tiny bit shiny at the end of the day, I didn’t feel greasy and I wasnt in a hurry to wash off what was left on my face.   I would say if I used the products I mentioned, plus the Matte FX Oil Absorbing powder, which you can read about in my other blog post, I would have been set all day!

If you are looking for full coverage, to hide brown sun spots, red skin, rosacea, you name it, this is great stuff!!  If you want a more sheer, less obvious makeup look, I would recommend something else (if you want to know what, please ask!)  I also noticed that this makeup reflected the light when I was trying to take pictures.  This is what causes some girls’ faces to look whiter than their chest in their pictures, even when their foundation is the right color in real life.  It wasnt bad, but I could definitely see it.

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