Get the Look: Simple Beauty

Simple Beauty - Lauren Reid
Model: Natalie Sudia

This How-To was requested by a good friend of mine on my Facebook Fan Page.  It was makeup I did on Natalie for a volunteer bridal fashion show.  Simple, yet enhances her natural beauty.

My main focus will be on the eyes and cheeks — as everyone uses their own foundations and concealers.  So let’s get started.

First thing is first — primer!!  The primer I currently have in my kit is Too Faced Shadow Insurance.  Clever name, great product.  You want to make sure you apply an even coat of primer over your entire eyelid.  This will keep your eye shadow from creasing.

A great palette for a natural, warm, bronze eye is Lorac’s Little Black Palette.  This even comes with primer — so it’s almost a one stop shop!  Just a warning — if you aren’t into shimmer, do not use this palette.  The pigments are amazing!  Goes on evenly, great coverage, and lots of sparkle.  Start by using the upper right color on the lid.  Set this on top of your primer.  Then use the top left highlight to reach your eyebrows.  If you want a more subtle high light, you  can use MAC’s Shroom eye shadow.  That is what I used in the picture.  You can then take the lower left color and apply this at the crease and blending in toward the middle of your lid.  Once you have the colors set, you can make the crease a little more dramatic by using a little bit of the bottom right color.

You will then add a subtle layer of black eyeliner to the top lash line and top water line.  I didn’t add any to the bottom waterline because I didn’t want her eyes to appear small.

Add a couple layers of your mascara and some natural looking lashes, and your eyes are set!

Now you can apply your blush.  I applied this below her cheek bone and continued it onto the apples of her cheeks.  We wanted to create structure while also creating warmth.  In this look I used MAKEUP FOREVER Blush #85 (Candy Pink).

I would keep the lips a natural color — either nude or transparent pink.

Finish the look with a smile and you are out the door!

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